Sunday, February 21, 2010

Job Search Continues... I have gotten away from writing on my blog the past few weeks and we all know that it is not because I am too busy with work :) I never knew searching for a career could be so stressful and exhausting. I have been here 3 weeks now and still haven't quite found what it is that I want to do. My buying career is basically over since we all know those jobs are few and far between and Tucson is not the place to remain in the fashion/retail industy!

I did have my first interview this week at Bio5 Institute at the University of Arizona. I felt really good that I went on my first interview and was excited about being a part of such an outstanding research facility. However, Friday I learned that I didn't get the job. The lady that interviewed me was nice enough to spend about 20 minutes on the phone with me helping me think of university jobs that would be in my field and giving me names of people to get in contact with. I was disappointed after the news but realized I probably would not have loved THAT job.

I do know one thing...FITNESS and healthy eating have quickly become an important part of my life out here. Last week I spent 3 days at the pool after taking Sumo for long walks on the River Walk. Sumo is another story....I officially can NOT go on runs with him. He does NOT like to run and thinks it's a good idea to just stop as I am running. He lays down and will NOT move. Talk about embarrassing. Everyone that passes us as he lays down finds it humorous. I do NOT though!! Maybe I can get sumo to enjoy running one day but I think I have hard work ahead of me for this strong-willed dog.

I just want to thank Roxy & Kristin for introducing me to the world of blogging's crazy how much your best friends blogs can inspire you in so many ways!

After the first day of him not running...I had to take my phone to capture a photo for ryan on day 2 of our attempted runs

Sumo being difficult & deciding to watch all the other runners!

View from one of our 3 pools...nothing better than laying out in Feb!


  1. Sarah! HAHAHAHAH I am absolutely dying over those pics of sums. I can totally picture you being the frustrated mother whose child is acting up at the grocery store! I love it. Sorry about the job search, but like you said, you didn't sound so enthusiastic about it anyways. It will work out! Miss and heart you!
    (I'm glad our blogs are bringing a little rsk into your life ;)

  2. ohh poor Sumo!! He's hot and tired Sarah! haha. Good luck with your job search. I'm thinking that anything with the word "Bio" in it, is prob not gonna be the type of job you LOVE anyways! You'll find something fab; I'm sure of it.
    Miss you so much. XOXO