Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bar Golf

Last Friday night, the law school organized a game of Bar Golf. It seemed as we were back in the undergrad college days of dressing up for frat functions or a theme party. I refused to buy anything for the occasion since I'm still jobless. So I started looking through the clothes that actually made it to Arizona with me. I ended up choosing a nike tennis shirt with ruffle details that ryan gave me last year for my birthday, a blue boyfriend cardi, and a pair of short cargo shorts complete with nike tall socks and my nike running shoes. I threw on one of ryan's all-white hats and some pearl earrings to finish my golfer chic look!

You could play in teams or by yourself (probably NOT a good idea). They handed out score sheets at the first bar and it listed the required drink at each bar. It was either a beer, a shot, or a mixed drink. There were 9 bars and 9 different drinks. You got a stroke for each sip it took for you to finish your drink. For example, if a beer took you 2 gulps, it equaled 2 strokes. 1 chug = 1 stroke. The least amount of strokes you had after the 9 bars, the better you scored. I only got to drink one drink for our team. I have no idea who actually won the event but I know it wasn't us!

My camera died early in the night so I only got the few pictures I took before we went out :( However, I was introduced to the new late night eating spot. It was called THE TACO SHOP and boy was it delish! No more cookout or pita pit for me!

Ryan & John

Ryan borrowed the hat from our neighbors & got the vest for $1.50 @ goodwill.

Practice swing.

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