Monday, February 22, 2010

Rainy Days & Daydreaming

As many of you already know, I am not a big reader. I mostly stick to magazines or something with lots of pictures and now it's all about BLOGS. Today here in the desert was a cold & rainy day with all areas above 5,000 ft in elevation in winter storm warnings. It was about 45-50 degrees here today...brrrr! There are few days here that it rains the entire day...but today it pretty much did. Sumo did not get his usual walk and is now full of energy (and im not with this weather!)

When the clouds clear, it is a beautiful site to look up at the mountains and see the tips covered in white. However, it doesn't last long. After a few hours of sunshine tomorrow, it will all be gone until the next winter storm rolls in.

I spent my day trying to enjoy the rainy weather. I woke up as Ryan left for classes, took sumo out, ate some cereal and then spent my first 2 hours applying for a job here and there and researching to see if there were any new job postings on the U of A website, monster, and the resort websites I check religiously! Nothing too exciting to report in my job search today.

Then I ran some errands and decided the best way to indulge on this rainy day was at Barnes & Noble. I spent the first 30 minutes picking up each and every travel book and daydreaming about all the places. One day I told day. My goal in the next few weeks is to book our honeymoon. We originally had decided on Costa Rica but now it looks like we have changed our minds to Puerto Vallarta. It is closer to us in Tucson and on the Pacific side. Less chance for hurricanes to ruin our honeymoon! They had 3 books on Puerto Vallarta so I picked up all 3 and went over to the starbucks area to start reading. After an hour and one white chocolate mocha down, I had decided on the book I wanted to buy. PUERTO VALLARTA HERE WE COME!!

I still wasn't ready to leave though, so I decided to walk up and down almost every aisle in the store. I stopped for a while in the career/job section and flipped through resume books and "how to nail an interview". Boring! So I looked for Lauren Conrad's LA Candy book. They didn't have it or else I probably would have purchased it today. I plan on spending some more time in Barnes & Noble in the near future...the place makes me feel empowered and intellectual! Successful day I would say!

I am attempting to make homemade lasagna tonight...I need all the luck I can get. My homemade valentines day chocolate cake for ryan ended up in the bottom of our stove. Never again will I try to force an 8x8 pan to act as a 9x13!

Rainy Days in Tucson result in some flooding

Daydreaming on a rainy day - a beach in Puerto Vallarta

Another beach in Puerto Vallarta

Can't wait to see a sunset like this on our honeymoon!

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  1. haha I almost bought LA Candy yesterday! No joke. At Borders- try them! But instead I went for "Eat, Pray, Love". You could get that book and we could Book Club together.....