Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm back! we have been back from Cali for over a week now & I have lots to blog about! A lot has happened in my life since we got back. We skipped out on San Diego & LA to come back for me to start a job. Well...I lasted 2 days @ the job :/ I thought I was going to be doing marketing for a new loyalty program for the corporate office of a car wash company. Instead, I showed up the first day to learn I would be an employee of a 4 person call center team for the car wash. I respect people that have to deal with complaining people on the phone because I FOR SURE can not handle it. After 2 days, I let them know I wouldn't be back. I have never quit a job that soon but am so thankful that I do not have to work in that call center dealing with angry customers over billing issues and car wash complaints. Next time I call a place to complain, I am going to remember how I felt in my 2 days answering those calls.

So what now for the job search? Good question! I worked 2 days this week on the U of A campus for a photographer helping take senior pictures. I had so much fun and it was a great networking temp job. Right now, I am beginning my studying to take my test to become certified as a pharmacy technician. Pharmacy school is a possibility now in my future?? I change my mind everyday and think I want to do everything now!

For now...I'll share a few of my favorite pictures from the tournament (or my favorite players :P)

Feliciano Lopez playing new favorite player!

Bryan brothers playing doubles

Lopez and Verdasco. Not bad to look @!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

We're off to Cali

So I guess there are some perks to not having a job yet...

Tomorrow is Ryan's last day of classes before his spring break so we are off to California for a long weekend with Ryan and his parents. We are boarding Sumo which I am both upset and sad to leave him :( but it might be a nice break from doggie parental duties.

We are headed to Palm Springs and will be attending the BNP Paribas Open (a pro tennis tournament). Ryan is really excited about watching the tennis and I think I'm excited about the possibly of seeing Verdasco up close and personal :) Who wouldn't be excited about seeing him?!

After the weekend there, we might be spending a night in San Diego and a night in LA?! Keep you all posted! Hope you all are getting some warmer weather on the East coast!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

151 days left

"Love is like magic and it always will be,
For love still remains life's sweet mystery"

151 days until I become Mrs. Johnson! Ok so I am feeling a little more romantic than usual today. Maybe it's because it's been unusually rainy in the desert this past month and today I have officially lost all of my tolerance for cold weather. Today it only got up to 60 degrees and I was freezing all day! Or maybe my romantic mood came from the shout out I got on my BFF's blog.

At least I know whatever happens in my professional life, that I will always have Ryan by my side. He has been so supportive and encouraging to me through my career search since I've been out here. I love him so much and can't wait to say my vows to him in August. Below are some of the special pictures me & ryan have taken together over the past 5+ years :)

Our 2nd date November 6, 2004

Our Jamaican Vaca in May 2007

The night Ryan asked me to marry him

Cabo a few days after I became future Mrs. Johnson

Lake Norman sunset summer 2009

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weekend Mornings in Tucson

What better way to start a weekend morning than with a walk to the local farmer's market with your fiance and dog? We slept in till about 9:30 and then were up and off to St. Philip's Plaza just about a 1/2 mile away via the River Walk. Boy was it a wonderful morning here. Sunny and about 65 degrees! Not sure if I was more excited or if Sumo was. We have been using organic soap we received as a present. It was from the farmers market so I was ready to replenish since we have been out for about a week. However, the vendor that sells the soap we had is not there on Saturdays :( and attends the Sunday market. I plan on attending church tomorrow with Maryanna so I guess I'll try and get my soap next weekend :( I did end up splurging on some local satsuma shea aloe body lotion and some satsuma body scrub. It will hold me over until we get our soap!

Sumo got lots of attention this morning from people, kids, and other dogs at the market. He was well behaved and even made a little girlfriend dog while I waited on Ryan to buy 2 of his favorite all natural energy drinks Verve. After wondering around the booths for about 45 minutes and taste testing the salsas, dried nuts and other foods, we were on our way back home.

I've included a little description below about the Saturday & Sunday markets:

St. Philip's Plaza's Saturday Farmer's Market (9 AM - 2PM): Features locally grown and produced foods, native plants and crafts. Including organic produce, meats, homemade baked goods, tortillas, salsa, roasted corn and chilies, kettle corn, coffees, spices and more!

Sunday's Tucson Farmer's Market (9AM - 1 PM): The Tucson Farmers’ Market at St. Philip’s Plaza is Southern Arizona’s largest market devoted entirely to locally grown and manufactured products. The vibrant colonial architecture and lush vegetation of St.Philip’s Plaza provides an ideal setting for a morning of pleasant shopping.

The market features fine produce, savory baked goods and pastries, fresh roasted coffees, custom blended teas, range fed meats, farm fresh eggs, gourmet soups and sauces and a wonderful selection of native and decorative plants.

Ryan and Sumo walking out to the River Walk

Some pictures of the market below

My market purchase

Recovering from a tiring time @ the Farmer's Market

Thursday, March 4, 2010


So I spent yesterday waiting anxiously by my phone waiting for an offer (or denial) for the golf apparel sales rep position I interviewed for on Tuesday. I kept my phone attached to my side all day and every time it rang I got a little more nervous. Well...I waited ALL day and no call :( However, my phone rang around 5:30 with a Tucson area code. I thought about not answering but so glad I did. It was a District Sales Manager from Sanofi-Aventis asking if I was still looking for a job and would be available to interview. OF COURSE! So today I interviewed for a pharmaceutical sales rep position with the company. I was excited but totally unprepared! I spent all night and today until my 2:00 interview researching about the company and what a pharmaceutical rep really does.

Let's just say I think the interview went well but I'm not going to be surprised if I do not get a call back. My friend Melanie mentioned me taking bragbook with me to my interview as evidence. Bragbook? Really? I should have listened though. The interviewer said he thought I had great experience but was lacking the evidence to back up my credentials and resume. What is a bragbook?

- Apparently a must for any face-to-face pharmaceutical sales interview
- A sales aid and no true salesperson should interview without one
- Adds life and credibility to your resume
- What to include: Performance reviews, ranking reports showing performance, college transcripts, letters of recommendation, photos of you accepting awards, previous business card, etc.

So tomorrow, I might be giving Yolanda a call to help me dig up some old performance appraisals. As I pursue my career in sales...let's just say I'm currently working on my bragbook :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Arizona Sunsets

I am really not sure they last time I woke up and left the house before the sun rose. As I crawled into my car in the 40 degree weather and cracked open my Dr. Perky this morning at approx 6am, I had no idea what I would be blessed to see in the next hour. I have heard multiple people out here say how beautiful and special an Arizona sunset is. I agree with this and find myself many times begging Ryan to go outside and watch the sunset with me many days (something I NEVER did in nc). The sunrises here are just as gorgeous and got to see one for myself today!

After my interview for a sales rep job in Phoenix, I stopped by IKEA on the way home and spent about an hour. Then I was on my way back to Tucson. I knew I was getting closer to Tucson when I started seeing the mountains with snowy tips. It is so weird for it to be 70 degrees and looking up at the mountains beside you and they are all covered in snow. crazy! It was in the low 70's and sunny when I got home. I do not envy any of you in north carolina getting all that snow.

I was exhausted when I got home but did a P90x workout and then took Sumo down to the River Walk. Sumo was extra difficult on yet another attempted run. I got so frustrated tonight that I decided to pick him up and carry him for a while. After I put him down, he didn't sit or lay down until we got home. He is making progress....slowly...but at least progress!