Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Crossing America Day #1

If you ever have a chance in your life to drive across the country, I recommend it. The experience is amazing and liberating! It is hard to describe in words the sites and landscapes you encounter over 3 days of 10+ hours of driving but I will try my best (at least I have some pictures for backup!)

I left from Mocksville, NC early in the morning Tuesday, February 26th (as in the sun was not even up yet) and started my 30+ hour drive out to Arizona. The first day of 13 hours weren't that interesting. I had driven most of the drive before and landscape didn't change drastically throughout the day. Going through Atlanta around lunch time was not exciting and really a little stressful. Traffic there is bad and I hope to never have to live in place with that kind of traffic. It was windy all day and I had quite a problem at times keeping the car safely on the road.

We made it to Vicksburg, MS and stayed the night at our first Holiday Inn Express. When we arrived at our hotel, they were having happy hour. Yes I typed that right...happy hour. Mom and I went and put our stuff in the room and went down to hit up happy hour for a beer or maybe two :) My body and mind were exhausted after the 12 hours of driving! After a quick dinner @ McAllisters, we went back to the hotel and were quickly sound asleep.

Photos from Day#1
My NC photo - bojangles will be missed!

South Carolina Peach Water Tower in Gaffney


Atlanta traffic - not a fan!

Alabama - home of Yolanda & Shana

Mississippi Welcome Center

Mississippi - home of bumpy roads!

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