Friday, February 5, 2010


Behind our apartments is what is considered Rillito River Park Trail. This is sure to become one of my favorite things about Tucson. It is a really neat trail and has made me want to spend even more time outside in the daily gorgeous weather. The only problem with the name is that the huge river bed is dried up. It is sad to think that at one time the river was full of flowing water. Now it is nothing more than sand, shrubs, and a small stream every now and then when it has rained. It did rain the other day so there was a small stream (maybe more like a puddle) of water left.

On my run/walk I stopped to watch 2 kids playing in this water with their dog. It was kind of sad the think this is the only natural water these kids encounter out here in the desert. No building forts by a creek or roping swinging into a river for these desert children.

Sumo is sure to love the Rillito River when he gets here!

Rillito River Trail description: This trail winds through the city along the Rillito riverbed. The asphalt trail on the north side of the river is a favorite for walkers, joggers, skaters, and cyclists. The path is designed so you never have to cross any streets, and distance is marked. A fun, easy hike for all ages.


  1. are you feeling land locked already?!

  2. yes! i think i am! at least there are 3 pools within our apt complex!!

  3. I'm jealous that you have such a beautiful place to run!!!