Sunday, April 18, 2010

Law Prom

Nothing like bringing back all the high school memories of prom or staying at a nice resort just miles from your house...

Friday night I got to do both. It was the 2010 Law Gala and boy was it a fun night of eating, drinking & dancing!! We started the day out pool side @ the Westin playing ping pong, water volleyball & even watersliding. Ryan had a little difficulty sliding down the slide at an appropriate speed. It is kind of unheard of to get passed on a slide especially with a 30 second head start. Well Ryan got slammed into and then passed on a water slide by a young boy. Too funny!!!

Then we were off to get ready for cocktail hour. After some picture taking and cocktail sipping we had a sit down dinner. After that, the dancing began! I paid for it the next day with 2 blisters on my feet and very sore legs from a night full of dancing. A few pictures from event below:


  1. Sarah I LOVE those shoes!!! Looks like it was so fun :)

  2. S, so fab! Looks like a wonderful weekend :) Wish I could've been dancing with you!