Saturday, April 24, 2010


Happy Weekend!!! I am going to try & treat this weekend as a weekend as much as I can because I actually have a packed week next week! I am going to try and take advantage of the fact that I will not see much of Ryan this weekend since he will be spending the next few weeks in library :(

Just a reminder of where I'm living...I love cacti!

Monday through Thursday I will be working as the receptionist for Long Realty and Friday I have a nutrition meeting at the university and ANOTHER interview! My interview on Friday is for a Marketing Representative position with Golden Eagle Distributors. Some of the beers they distribute: Budweiser, Budlight, Michelob, Rolling Rock, Land Shark and many many more. Maybe some perks to a job like this would be free beer? I certainly won't be complaining!

I am also waiting to hear back if I will get another interview with Miraval for the retail buying position they have open @ their store. I was a little caught off guard with they called so do not feel that great about another interview but fingers crossed!!

Today @ 1:00 we are meeting with our new landlord and signing our 1 year lease for our new place. I'm sooo excited!!! We are only moving to the next complex over but will be renting from an owner and not an apartment company anymore. I can't wait to get pictures of our new place because it is super cute and has such a southwestern look. We have a palm tree on our back porch and a big cactus in the front area when you walk in!

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