Thursday, March 11, 2010

We're off to Cali

So I guess there are some perks to not having a job yet...

Tomorrow is Ryan's last day of classes before his spring break so we are off to California for a long weekend with Ryan and his parents. We are boarding Sumo which I am both upset and sad to leave him :( but it might be a nice break from doggie parental duties.

We are headed to Palm Springs and will be attending the BNP Paribas Open (a pro tennis tournament). Ryan is really excited about watching the tennis and I think I'm excited about the possibly of seeing Verdasco up close and personal :) Who wouldn't be excited about seeing him?!

After the weekend there, we might be spending a night in San Diego and a night in LA?! Keep you all posted! Hope you all are getting some warmer weather on the East coast!

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