Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm back! we have been back from Cali for over a week now & I have lots to blog about! A lot has happened in my life since we got back. We skipped out on San Diego & LA to come back for me to start a job. Well...I lasted 2 days @ the job :/ I thought I was going to be doing marketing for a new loyalty program for the corporate office of a car wash company. Instead, I showed up the first day to learn I would be an employee of a 4 person call center team for the car wash. I respect people that have to deal with complaining people on the phone because I FOR SURE can not handle it. After 2 days, I let them know I wouldn't be back. I have never quit a job that soon but am so thankful that I do not have to work in that call center dealing with angry customers over billing issues and car wash complaints. Next time I call a place to complain, I am going to remember how I felt in my 2 days answering those calls.

So what now for the job search? Good question! I worked 2 days this week on the U of A campus for a photographer helping take senior pictures. I had so much fun and it was a great networking temp job. Right now, I am beginning my studying to take my test to become certified as a pharmacy technician. Pharmacy school is a possibility now in my future?? I change my mind everyday and think I want to do everything now!

For now...I'll share a few of my favorite pictures from the tournament (or my favorite players :P)

Feliciano Lopez playing new favorite player!

Bryan brothers playing doubles

Lopez and Verdasco. Not bad to look @!

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