Thursday, March 4, 2010


So I spent yesterday waiting anxiously by my phone waiting for an offer (or denial) for the golf apparel sales rep position I interviewed for on Tuesday. I kept my phone attached to my side all day and every time it rang I got a little more nervous. Well...I waited ALL day and no call :( However, my phone rang around 5:30 with a Tucson area code. I thought about not answering but so glad I did. It was a District Sales Manager from Sanofi-Aventis asking if I was still looking for a job and would be available to interview. OF COURSE! So today I interviewed for a pharmaceutical sales rep position with the company. I was excited but totally unprepared! I spent all night and today until my 2:00 interview researching about the company and what a pharmaceutical rep really does.

Let's just say I think the interview went well but I'm not going to be surprised if I do not get a call back. My friend Melanie mentioned me taking bragbook with me to my interview as evidence. Bragbook? Really? I should have listened though. The interviewer said he thought I had great experience but was lacking the evidence to back up my credentials and resume. What is a bragbook?

- Apparently a must for any face-to-face pharmaceutical sales interview
- A sales aid and no true salesperson should interview without one
- Adds life and credibility to your resume
- What to include: Performance reviews, ranking reports showing performance, college transcripts, letters of recommendation, photos of you accepting awards, previous business card, etc.

So tomorrow, I might be giving Yolanda a call to help me dig up some old performance appraisals. As I pursue my career in sales...let's just say I'm currently working on my bragbook :)

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  1. wow S! That bragbook sounds so intense. I'm not sure I would have anything I'd even want to put in there haha