Sunday, November 7, 2010

Friday the 5th of November

My happiness from Thursday continued through the weekend. Friday was the 6th year anniversary of when Ryan and I went on our first date. I will never forget how nervous I was before he came and picked me up. Overall, the first date went great. The only 2 things I still remember being bad was our movie choice and Ryan's driving. We decided to go see Grudge and it was a terrible movie. We ended up talking through much of the movie and talked about leaving it early even though we never did. Ryan's driving --- he was driving so fast en route to the movie (i'm sure to impress me) & I was slightly scared for my life. I now feel much more comfortable telling him to slow down in car rides when he gets his heavy foot.

Friday we thought we would go see another scary/weird movie. He talked me into seeing Saw 3D and what a terrible choice. I was so grossed out after 10 minutes, I had to leave the theater. Ryan followed me and we left. I still can't believe people actually want to see movies like was disturbing. To celebrate our 6 year mark, I decided to find a picture from each of the 6 years to see how we have changed.

2003 - out during the first week we met

2004 - random trip to chapel hill

2005 - with my family in Cancun

2006 - Ryan visiting me in New York City

2007 - Raleigh before we graduated

2008 - summer mountain trip

2009 - OIB beach trip & celebrating ryan's acceptance into law school

2010 - our wedding day


  1. S, I love this! And I love you guys- so adore :) Alan and I just passed 7 on Halloween...I would probably die of laughter if I dug up pics from the early years hahah

  2. you should post pics of you and A through the years...i had so much fun digging up the old pics :)